Your Questions

Top 10 questions:

Q1: Is this a brothel, or a doll sales?
We sell adult love dolls, and you can also book our dolls to try before you buy, or if you would like to see one but don’t want to take her home.  It’s not exactly a brothel, as there are no sex workers, only dolls. However, we call our dolls ”escort dolls” so you can tell them apart from the dolls you purchase (which are brand new).

Q2: Do the sex dolls look like the ones in the photos?
A: All of the photos on an escort doll’s profile are the actual escort doll, unless the doll is ”coming soon”. They are natural photos, so what you get is what you see. The dolls marked ”coming soon” have photos from the doll’s manufacturer.

Q3: Can you customise the doll for me?
A: We can change the color or length of the doll’s hair, the eye colour, or even give her a cute natural looking cock instead of a pussy, or a strap on cock if you prefer both. For an escort doll, or a purchase doll, there is an additional charge.

Q4: Is the sex doll safe and hygienic?
A: Your sex doll escort is made from high quality materials, such as platinum silicon and TPE. The doll is 100% clean and has no plastic smell. Each doll is bathed and washed  using a special shower gel that cleans and protects her inside and out.

Q5: Do I have to wear a condom?
A: We add lubricant to your escort doll so she is ready for you, and we provide condoms for your use. However, it is your choice whether to use these, as you will be alone with the doll of your choice.

Q6: Is the doll warm inside?
A: If you wish to have the doll warmed inside with a special heating device, please ask when booking. As this requires an extra 30mins of preparation time, there is an additional fee. A purchased doll comes with a heater and instructions.

Q7: What happens when I arrive for a booking?
A: When you arrive at our discreet location, you will see a very modest looking building with no signs or advertising. You will text the receptionist and she will tell you when to come up to the door, let you in, and take it from there. You will not see any other person.

Q8: How real is the doll – does she feel real?
A: Our sex dolls are very realistic, quality dolls that feel just like a real human woman. Our average doll costs $3,000 each; they are high quality, not cheap imitation or blow up dolls.

Q9: What makes an escort doll different to a human escort?

  • She will have your desired hair, eye colour, and outfit on every date, and she will have the genitals of your preference.
  • Your escort doll will never get tired, have a cramp, or need to rest.
  • She cannot get an STI or become pregnant, and she loves to bareback and let you cum inside her.
  • You can cum as many times as you like.
  • You can squeeze and bounce and suck her breasts, ass, and pussy or cock as much as you like, and she will never get annoyed or turned off.
  • You can tell her your wildest fantasies and role play your most secret desires, and she will never say no, judge you, or tell her friends about it later.
  • You are guaranteed that you will never see her in the street or at a family friend’s wedding.
  • She won’t leave you wondering whether she faked an orgasm.

The full sized dolls weigh around 30 – 40kg, and the best positions for them are lying down, spooning, or sitting on top of you. If you prefer doggy style or if you like to do a wide range of more difficult positions, we recommend the 135cm, 100cm, or other smaller dolls.


Q10: What are the benefits of visiting an escort doll instead of a real human escort?
A: Trying something new is often exciting! And you can see if you like the doll well enough to buy one of your own. Here are 5 more reasons to see a sex doll escort:

  1. Perfection.
    The dolls are perfect: hourglass figure, perky breasts, firm bottom.
  2. Guilt-free.
    You may feel that seeing a real human escort would be cheating, but seeing an escort doll is more like masturbating with a vibrator, fleshlight, or other sex toy.
  3. Exploration.
    You may want to have a risk-free threesome with your partner, or try with a different gender or different genitals than usual. You might even like an anime or hentai character?
  4. Comfort.
    Sometimes humans are so complicated… but dolls are simple! You don’t need to feel shy, awkward, anxious, uncomfortable, or worried about performance or pressure.
  5. Privacy.
    You will never, ever run into the escort doll in a cafe, or anywhere else.